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Some Letters and E-mails from satisfied Homestead Farms customers

Homestead Farms:
Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with my new Hostas and Garden Plant markers. Everything I ordered was such high quality…. The size of the hostas was far larger than I have ever received thru the mail and the markers are terrific--the picture does not do them justice. I am using a labeler for the surface and they look so professional.
Thanks--you'll hear from me again.
Sincerely--Jean L.

I did get the order on the day that you said I would. These were the best quality plants that I have ever gotten from a mail order operation. They arrived in very healthy condition and I was pleasantly surprised of how big they were. Keep up the good work I will order more from you in the future!
Rob M.

Hi Ron:
Just wanted to tell you that I recd your order. All plants were in great condition; and are now planted in Minnesota soil. Ron, if you ever need a testimony, I will offer my help. As you know, this is my third year of ordering from you. The BIGGEST AND BEST PLANTS EVER. I have placed orders with many other named growers; you would not believe what I gotten, DOUBLE FANS FROM OTHER GROWERS are like pencils. Again Thanks.
Weldon D Arndt
Champlin, MN

Hi Ron,
My daylily order arrived last Wednesday and was in the ground Thursday morning. The plants look wonderful, obviously dug, shipped & received within a couple of days. Thank you for such nice divisions…. By the way, thank you so much for the 3 gift plants, they are a perfect match for the plants I ordered.
Janice T.

Received daylilies June first and they are now all blooming. I have lost track of how many years I have ordered from you but want to say that I am very satisfied with packaging, delivery, and very strong plants. All are growing and have not lost one plant of all the daylilies I have received from Homestead Farms. Sounds like you are paying me to write this. Your daylilies grow well in Michigan.

Hi Homestead Farms (Ron),
I just wanted to thank you for the plants you sent. I was very impressed, the quick turn around and the quality of the plants. Clearly they will leap from the ground, flowering at their fullest: big fans and lots of fat white roots.
I am actually a trained Botanist, having taught college botany for years and have conducted much research on plants. I do understand the importance of the roots and am happy the plants have so many; it is like an extra season of stored sunlight for them. They will have lots of energy reserves as they adjust to their new home and get about their business.
I posted my favorable review on the Garden Web Daylily Forum yesterday (http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/daylily/; "Homestead Farms; Great Plants"), and you will be pleased to know that some others too have posted very complimentary follow-up comments about you….Your offerings are solid plants, priced where they make sense to me. I use daylilies as garden plants and really appreciate your many rebloomers and fragrant types that you offer.  I think your work is great.
Joe S., Ph.D.,
Conroe TX

I bought daylilies, based on a recommendation at the Daylily Forum.
I liked the Web site right away, for me it was a nice layout with lots of photos and good information on the plants. I took a few days to look over the offerings and was pleased to find many of them in my price range of $4.00 or $5.00. I decided on my order and called the place up. They were friendly and helpful and cheerful. They told me when to expect the plants (ship on Mondays) and the plants arrived exactly when I expected.
But the best part was the size of the fans and the roots, big healthy double fans, some with a third fan halfway grown. Another wonderful part was the roots, the roots are huge and healthy and firm, and I know the plants will hit the garden running.
Finally, there were very nice bonus plants, some out of my price range. Homestead sent a triple fan of Bold Red Eyes; I've seen it at $20.00 per double fan, so extrapolation suggests the bonus was a $30.00 plant.
I had good luck at this place. I've ordered from others and have had acceptable results, but this is A+ and those places were B.

I buy all my daylilies from Homestead Nurseries. I haven’t lost one plant. The plants are healthy, three to five good fans. Priced very reasonable. Service is good and Ron can answer anything I want to know about daylilies.


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