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Siberian Iris Planting and Maintenance Tips

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Homestead Farms Siberian Iris
Planting & Maintenance Tips

Siberian Iris are among the easiest, carefree Iris to grow. These graceful, but rugged plants bloom in late spring and maintain their beautiful grass-like foliage all season making them a wonderful choice for the perennial border, planted at the edge of a water feature or naturalized in a mass planting.

Bare root Siberian Iris are best planted in the Spring & late Summer in cold climates and the Fall in hot climates. They prefer full sun (minimum 6 hours) in cooler climates to part shade for hotter climates. Siberian Iris are adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions but do best in a neutral to slightly acidic soil. If you have an alkaline soil work in agricultural sulfur to lower the pH. Siberian Iris prefer moist, well drained soil, so at the time of planting work in lots of composted organic matter to help retain moisture during the dry months. Space plants 18 to 24 inches apart. Fertilize in spring when new growth appears and again after bloom using a balanced granular or water soluble fertilizer (i.e. 10-10-10).

Upon receiving the plants, open the box immediately and soak the roots in water for a few hours (up to two days) before planting. It is important that Siberian Iris roots stay moist, although allowing the roots to dry out should not harm the plant but will delay its growth. If any mold has grown on the plant during shipment it can be safely killed by soaking the plant in a 10% bleach solution for 10 minutes, then soak in fresh water before planting.

Plant Siberian Iris so the crown (where the leaves emerge from the rhizome) is 1.5 to 2 inches below the finished soil level. Water in thoroughly and mulch. Mulching newly planted Siberians is very important. The mulch protects the roots from drying out and keeps them cool in the hot summer months. Provide enough water to keep the plants moist the entire growing season, about an inch per week. Siberian Iris may not bloom the first year planted. Once established (after the first year) Siberians are very tough plants and can survive dry periods but will always perform better if given adequate water. Wait about three weeks after planting before applying fertilizer.

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