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Clematis Planting and Maintenace Tips

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Homestead Farms Clematis
Planting & Maintenance Tips

Clematis can be planted spring through early fall. They generally require 5 to 6 hours of sunlight, though some varieties will take more shade. Clematis roots grow long and deep and like it cool and damp, but not soggy. Clematis prefers slightly alkaline soil, so if your soil is acidic your vines will benefit from some agricultural lime.

Work up the ground to a depth and width of 12” to 18” mixing in plenty of compost.Plant the clematis deep so the first two sets of leaf nodes are underground. This will encourage the plant to send up more stems, creating a bushier plant. After planting, a 4” layer of mulch will keep the roots cool and moist. Also a planting of annuals or a low growing shrub around the base of the clematis will help shade the roots.

Feed your clematis once a year after pruning with an all-purpose garden fertilizer, such as a 10-10-10. The first spring after planting, prune your clematis back to 10 to 12”. This will promote heavier branching and flowering. After the first year, follow pruning guidelines below.

Clematis type 1: Cut out any winter damaged stems as soon as spotted. After flowering, prune lightly removing all dead & weak stems. This group produces flowers directly from old stems.

Clematis type 2: In early spring remove all dead material above swelling leaf buds as this groups first flowering comes from last season’s ripened stems.

Clematis type 3: Prune hard (to within a foot of the ground, leaving 2 to 4 sets of leaf buds per stem) in February or March when leaf buds begin to show low on the plant as this groups flowering comes from new growth.

With good cultural practices, your clematis will give you years of enjoyment!

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