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Louisiana Iris Planting and Maintenance Tips

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Homestead Farms Louisiana Iris
Planting & Maintenance Tips

These Iris are native to Louisiana and the southeastern United States but can be grown all the way to planting zone 4, in fact they have one of the broadest growing ranges of all perennials, from zones 4 to 10! Though Louisiana Iris are at their best when grown in wet to boggy soil or in shallow water up to four inches deep, they can be grown successfully in consistently moist garden soil and will tolerate short periods of drought. Louisiana Iris grow naturally in heavy clay soils, adding compost or peat during planting will help retain moisture and provide nutrients, this is particularly important in sandy soils. For best blooms, plant in full sun (will also grow in partial shade) in slightly acidic soil.

Keep the bare root rhizomes moist (not wet) until you’re ready to plant. The rhizomes may be soaked in fresh water or a 10% bleach solution for 15-20 minutes before planting. Plant the rhizomes so that they’re completely covered with the top of the rhizome at or just below soil level. Space plants 15 to 18 inches apart. Apply 1 to 2 inches of mulch (pine straw or ground leaves make the best mulch) and water in thoroughly. Water occasionally to keep the ground from drying out until the iris are actively growing, then water deep a couple times per week, if needed, for best growth. Louisiana Iris are heavy feeders, an application of a balanced fertilizer (such as 8-8-8) at the start of the growing season (water in well) and a light application just before bloom is recommended. Transplanting should be done in late August or September.

Louisiana iris are beautiful late blooming iris, blooming after tall bearded iris and Siberian iris. Grow them in a mixed perennial garden, a bog, or at the edge of a pond or stream.

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