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Daylily Planting and Maintenance Tips

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Homestead Farms Daylilies
Planting & Maintenance Tips

Daylilies are among the easiest, carefree perennials to grow. Though daylilies are tolerant of and perform well in a wide range of conditions, following these recommendations will assure your daylilies will get off to a fast start and reward you with plenty of beautiful blooms!

Though daylilies prefer to be planted in full sun (minimum 6 hours) they will tolerate part shade conditions, particularly some of the darker red and purple varieties. Too much shade will cause reduced flowering. Daylilies will grow in a wide range of soil conditions but do best in moist, well-drained soils. If your soil is sandy or heavy clay we recommend working in lots of composted organic matter, such as well-rotted manure or peat moss. In sandy soils compost will help retain water and nutrients for the plant. In clay soils compost loosens the soil for better drainage and root development.

Soak the roots in water for a few hours before planting. If the daylilies cannot be planted within a day or two of receipt, they can be safely held in a shaded place keeping the roots damp in potting mix until ready to plant. After the compost has been added and the ground worked up in the bed to be planted, dig a hole larger than the root mass. In the center of the hole make a mound and set the daylily in place with its roots spread on each side of the mound. The crown (where the foliage & roots meet) should be no deeper than ½ to 1 inch below the finished soil level. Work the soil around the roots filling the hole, firm the soil and water well. Mulch all fall planted daylilies! Daylilies should be spaced 18 to 24 inches apart.

Daylilies love water and are essential for good blooms and reblooms! Watering is most important in the spring and summer during bud development and flowering. Generally a single application of a balanced fertilizer in early spring is sufficient, although a low nitrogen fertilizer may also be added in the fall. Daylilies will benefit from an application of mulch, discouraging weeds, reducing soil temperature & conserving water.Deadhead the old blooms and remove the dried up bloom scapes to give the garden a neat appearance. In the spring, clear away dead foliage & debris from around the plant.

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