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Homestead Farms
3701 Highway EE
Owensville, Missouri  65066
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Abbreviations and Description:
: EV=Evergreen, SEV=Semi-evergreen, DOR=Dormant
Scape Height & Bloom Diameter
: Indicated in inches
Bloom Period
: EE=Very Early, E=Early, EM=Early mid, M=Mid, ML=Mid late, L=Late
Bloom Description: RE=Repeat Scapes, FR=Fragrant, VFR=Very fragrant, EXT=Extended bloom (open more than 16 hours),
NOC=Nocturnal (blooms open at dawn despite weather conditions)
Ploidy: TET=Tetraploid
Bloom Form: D=Double, S=spider, SV=Spider Variant, UNF=Unusual Form

Note: For definition of AHS Awards follow this link Daylily Awards. Use the 'BACK' button on your web browser to return to this page.

(click on thumbnail for larger view)


PaloDuroCanyon.jpg (24144 bytes)

Palo Duro Canyon
Hansen 1989


EV, 26". 6", EM, RE
Ruffled, flat, creped, rust-brown with a darker eyezone and a lacy gold edge. A fast increaser. September rebloom.
Awards: HM

PalominoMoon.jpg (20556 bytes)

Palomino Moon
Stamile 1990


DOR, 26", 7", ML, EXT, TET
Palomino blend with green throat. A distinctive cream & tan combination.

PanamaJack.jpg (57575 bytes)

Panama Jack
Schwartz 1998


DOR, 36", 8", M, S
Tall, graceful golden yellow SPIDER. Strong bloomer. Registered as a mid season bloomer but blooms late here at the nursery. 
PandorasBox.jpg (7729 bytes)

Pandora's Box
Talbot 1980


EV, 19", 4", EM, RE, FR
Cream with a bold deep purple eye and emerald green throat. Nice border plant.
Awards: JC, HM, AM, ATG

PapasPride.jpg (10071 bytes)

Papa's Pride
Herrington 1992

currently unavailable

SEV, 29", 6.5", EM, RE, FR
Blend of light peach and pink with a rose eyezone. Perfectly round bloom with heavy substance. Well branched, 20 bud count.
Awards: JC, HM

PapalGuard.jpg (36698 bytes)

Papal Guard
Munson 1978


SEV, 24", 6", ML, RE, TET
Rich, brilliant red self with a yellow green throat.

PaperButterfly.jpg (51011 bytes)

Paper Butterfly
Morss 1983


SEV, 24", 6", E, RE, TET
Creamy orchid-peach with a broad, shaded blue eyezone and pastel yellow throat. Strong September-October rebloom.
Awards: HM, AM, LAA, DCS

PappysGirl.jpg (25030 bytes) Pappy's Girl
Kirchhoff 1993


EV, 22", 5", EM, RE, TET, D
A pastel salmon-cream tetraploid DOUBLE. This beautiful peach is consistently full & double with heavy substance. Well branched, recurrent. 
ParadeOfPeacocks.jpg (45279 bytes) Parade of Peacocks
Oakes 1990


DOR, 36", 8", ML, UNF Crispate
Big rosy peach unusual form bloom with rose eyezone and cream throat.
ParadiseCity.jpg (46045 bytes)

Paradise City
Stamile 2001

currently unavailable

EV, 30", 5.5", L, RE, TET
Late blooming cream pink with mauve rose eye and edge rimmed in yellow. Beautiful!
PardonMe.jpg (51937 bytes)

Pardon Me
Apps 1982
currently unavailable

DOR, 18". 2.75", ML, RE, FR, NOC
A triangular, tailored, bright burgundy red mini; vigorous grower and bloomer. One of the best reblooming reds.
Awards: HM, AM, DF

Parfait.jpg (29385 bytes)

Childs 1953
currently unavailable

DOR, 48", 8", M, RE, S
Extremely tall, cream & pink bicolor spider with deep rose tips.
ParlorGame.jpg (36783 bytes)

Parlor Game
Hager 1988

currently unavailable

DOR, 25", 7", M, RE, EXT, SV
Orange brown SPIDER VARIANT with a deep red eye and yellow green throat.

PastelClassic.jpg (37822 bytes) Pastel Classic
Millikan 1987

3 for $15.00

SEV, 23", 6", M, RE
Lightly ruffled pastel pink and buff blend with a yellow-green throat. Very pretty. Strong early October rebloom here in Missouri.
Awards: HM, AM
PatMercer.jpg (27597 bytes) Pat Mercer
Joiner 1982


SEV, 28", 7", M, NOC
A large amber-orange with a lighter halo above a green throat.
PatchworkPuzzle.jpg (9892 bytes)

Patchwork Puzzle
Salter 1990


18", 2.75", EM, RE, TET
A cream lemon with a washed lavender-purple eyezone banded in burgundy above a deep green throat.
Awards: HM, AM, DF
PatsyHewan.jpg (11045 bytes)

Patsy Hewan
Lambert 1967

3 for $10.00

DOR, 30", 5", EM
Pretty pink with wide cream ribs and green heart. Bright color.

PeachMagnolia.jpg (20139 bytes) Peach Magnolia
Joiner 1986


DOR, 32", 5.5", ML, RE, D
Deep, smooth peach DOUBLE with a green throat. A tremendous performer!
Awards: HM, AM
PeachWhisper.jpg (19763 bytes)

Peach Whisper
Stamile 1992

currently unavailable

DOR, 25", 5.5", EM, RE, EXT, TET
Beautiful ruffled, clear pink with a suffusion of soft peach-pink. Yellow-green throat.

PeacockMaiden.jpg (37814 bytes) Peacock Maiden
Carpenter 1982


EV, 31", 9.5", M, RE, FR, EXT, UNF crispate
A dark purple UNUSUAL FORM crispate with a creamy white eyezone and midribs and large green throat.
PennyArcade.jpg (8501 bytes)

Penny Arcade
Sellers 1989

3 for $12.00

DOR, 26", 5", M, TET
Distinctive orange apricot blend with a light purple eye and flaming orange throat.
Awards: HM

PewterPink.jpg (21863 bytes) Pewter Pink
Stamile 1994
currently unavailable
DOR, 24", 7.5", EM, RE, FR, EXT, TET
Full & ruffled, huge, clear light lavender-pink.
PhoenicianRuffles.jpg (32354 bytes)

Phoenician Ruffles
Stamile 1986

currently unavailable

DOR, 25", 6", EM, RE, FR, TET
Round, flat, ruffled purple self with black-purple eye.

PinkAmbrosia.jpg (39063 bytes)

Pink Ambrosia
Stamile 1995


EV, 28", 6.75", E, RE, TET
Flat, ruffled pink bitone. Petals are medium pink and sepals are very light pink. Large, grass green throat.

PinkCadenza.jpg (9158 bytes)

Pink Cadenza
Benz 1993

3 for $12.00

SEV, 26", 5", M, EXT, NOC, TET
Slightly ruffled, baby ribbon pink with a green throat.

PinkCottonCandy.jpg (24280 bytes) Pink Cotton Candy
Stamile 1992


DOR, 23", 5", ML, RE, FR, TET
Ruffled pink with rose red eye, beautiful!
Awards: HM
PinkFanfare.jpg (41008 bytes) Pink Fanfare
Whatley 1991
NEW for 2014!
DOR, 27", 6", EM, TET
Clear bright pink self with lime green throat.
PinkLemonadeParty.jpg (47575 bytes) Pink Lemonade Party
Salter 2006
currently unavailable
SEV, 28", 5.5", M, RE, TET
A deep medium pink bloom with lighter sepals. Form is very full, round and overlapped with a heavy tightly ruffled edge that looks like a cream pink froth. Great October rebloom. Great color!
PinkMonday.jpg (28195 bytes) Pink Monday
Sellers 1983

currently unavailable
DOR, 26", 5.5", M, RE
Beautiful light rose-pink with blooms closer to the foliage; green throat. Attractive and very popular. About the closet to true pink.
Awards: HM
PinkPanoply.jpg (14858 bytes)

Pink Panoply
Millikan 1988


SEV, 28", 6", M, RE
Recurved, ruffled, hot pink bitone with green throat. Very attractive dark pink color.

PinkPeppermint.jpg (30689 bytes) Pink Peppermint
Joiner 1996


SEV, 32", 7", ML, RE, D
Ruffled shell pink DOUBLE with darker shade of pink on the tips of the petals and cream green throat. Beautiful!
Awards: HM
PinkPlaymate.jpg (21746 bytes) Pink Playmate
Rogers 1996

3 for $15.00

DOR, 22", 3.5", ML, RE, EXT
Late blooming light pink self with a faint cream eye. Vigorous grower and dependable rebloom. Great for the front of the border.
PinkPompon.jpg (20878 bytes)

Pink Pompon
Stamile 1987


EV, 22", 5", EM, RE, FR, EXT, TET, D
Coral pink DOUBLE with a green throat. Nicely ruffled.

PinkRocks.jpg (53085 bytes) Pink Rocks
Carpenter 1991


DOR, 20", 6", M, RE, VFR, EXT
Rose-pink with pink halo and chartreuse green throat.
PinkSeranade.jpg (25034 bytes) Pink Serenade
Carter 1994
currently unavailable
DOR, 30", 6", M, RE, TET
Round, neatly ruffled, pretty soft pink self.
PinkSuperSpider.jpg (53055 bytes)

Pink Super Spider
Carpenter 1982


SEV, 32", 10", M, RE, EXT, UNF crispate
Huge, rosy pink unusual form crispate with a creamy yellow throat and white midribs.
Awards: HM, AM
PinkWaikiki.jpg (8395 bytes)

Pink Waikiki
Pierce 1997


EV, 28", 8", EM, RE, TET
Big bright pink with a slightly darker pink eye and green throat. A real beauty.

PiratesPatch.jpg (10734 bytes)

Pirate's Patch
Salter 1991


EV, 28", 6", EM, RE, TET
Beautiful bright cream with a sharp black plum eye and picotee edge. Very popular.
Awards: HM, AM, DCS

PlatinumPlus.jpg (24120 bytes)

Platinum Plus
Peck 1988


DOR, 23", 6", M, TET
Large, heavily substanced, near white self with a green throat.

PoJo.jpg (9134 bytes)

Winniford 1972


SEV, 19", 3", E, RE, D
Dark yellow peony type DOUBLE. Good increaser, attractive and reblooms late.
Awards: HM, AM, IM

Pony.jpg (30210 bytes) Pony
Durio 1972


DOR, 26", 5", M. RE, FR
Lavender and cream bicolor with green throat. Pretty color combination.
PosterFlower.jpg (43876 bytes)

Poster Flower
Kirchhoff 1994


SEV, 25", 5.75", EM, RE, TET
Full, overlapped, deep cardinal red with yellow-green throat.

PraqueSpring.jpg (15010 bytes)

Prague Spring
Lambert 1986

currently unavailable

DOR, 30", 7", M, UNF crispate
Unusual form crispate; flesh pink and green blend with pistachio-green throat.
Awards: HM

PrairieBlueEyes.jpg (8692 bytes)

Prairie Blue Eyes
Marsh 1970
currently unavailable

SEV, 25", 5.5", M
One of the loveliest and most unusually colored daylilies. Flowers are of the purest lavender with a nearly blue eyezone.
Awards: JC, HM, AM

PraireFire.jpg (41107 bytes) Prairie Fire
Salter 1998


SEV, 26", 5.5", M, RE, TET
Yellow cream with a very ruffled amber picotee, gold edge and coral red halo.
PresterJohn.jpg (25492 bytes)

Prester John
Allgood 1972

3 for $9.00

DOR, 26", 5", EM, RE, VFR, D
Very fragrant orange-gold DOUBLE with green throat. Strong bloomer.
Awards: HM, AM, LAA, IM

PretzelPower.jpg (41090 bytes) Pretzel Power
Stamile 2001


EV, 38", 10", M, RE, FR, TET, UNF Crispate
Huge candy apple to cardinal red UNUSUAL FORM bitone with unique twisting of segments. Very showy large bloom.
PrimalScream.jpg (52139 bytes)

Primal Scream
Hansen 1994


DOR, 34", 7.5", ML, RE, TET, UNF Crispate-Cascade
This big, bright tangerine with its dark green foliage is a show stopper! Winner of the AHS 2011 Popularity poll and the 2001 Lambert/Webster award given annually for the best unusual form. Primal Scream is one of Ron's favorite five! 
Awards: HM, AM, SM
PrinceMichael.jpg (11352 bytes)

Prince Michael
Hansen 1990


EV, 28", 7", ML, RE, NOC, EXT
Ruffled, light lavender or violet with a bold magenta-purple eyezone and green throat.

PrinceOfMidnight.jpg (29084 bytes)

Prince Of Midnight
Salter 1992


SEV, 26", 5", M, TET
Ruffled dark royal purple self with a large yellow throat. Outstanding color and plant habit.

PrizePicoteeElite.jpg (11723 bytes)

Prize Picotee Elite
Klehm 1987
currently unavailable

DOR, 25", 5", E, TET
Cream flesh petals complemented by neatly crimped picotee edging of purple with a purple eyezone. Flesh colored sepals and a green throat.

PugYarborough.jpg (20149 bytes) Pug Yarborough
Carpenter 1990


SEV, 20", 6.5", E, RE, FR
, heavily ruffled peach blend with a green throat and very large striking red eye.
PumpkinKid.jpg (20263 bytes) Pumpkin Kid
Spalding 1987
currently unavailable
EV, 18", 5.5", M, RE, EXT
Eye catching, flat ruffled bloom that is light orange with a bright red eye and green throat.
Awards: HM, AM, DCS
PumpkinFestival.jpg (32935 bytes) Pumpkin Festival
Stamile 1997


DOR, 20", 5.5", EM, VFR, TET
A large flowered, fragrant, peachy orange bloom with a striking wine-purple eye and matching piecrust picotee edge. Broad, rounded diamond dusted petals surround a gold throat.
PumpkinMoonshine.jpg (40795 bytes) Pumpkin Moonshine
Trimmer 1998


DOR, 22", 5", E, RE, FR, TET
Glowing gold with brushed red eye. A clump of 'Pumpkin Moonshine' shouts across the garden with its bold color in vivid contrast to the plentiful pastels. Seemed like it bloomed all summer.
PumpkinPieSpice.jpg (25360 bytes) Pumpkin Pie Spice
Joiner 1997


EV, 26", 4.5", EM, RE, TET
Buckskin with a mauve wine eye and double edge on the petals. Strong September rebloom.
PumpkinPudding.jpg (8488 bytes)

Pumpkin Pudding
Wild 1985


DOR, 24", 6", ML, RE, FR, TET
True orange with a pink raised rib; deep orange veining, dark gold throat. Really nice color!

Pure&Simple.jpg (38407 bytes)

Pure And Simple
Salter 1993
currently unavailable

SEV, 28", 5.5", EM, RE, TET
Glowing orange sherbet with a heavy ruffled gold edge. Heavy flowering & beautiful.
Awards: HM, AM

PurpleDeOro.jpg (28345 bytes)
Photo courtesy Walters Gardens, Inc.
Purple De Oro
DeGroot 2000


DOR, 20", 3", M, RE
This pretty little daylily for the front edge of the border has blooms of medium dark purple with lighter midrib and edge above a gold heart.
PurpleGalaxy.jpg (21375 bytes)

Purple Galaxy
Spalding 1976


EV, 24", 5", EM, EXT
Slightly ruffled purple self with a yellow-green throat; narrow segments.

PurpleRainDance.jpg (22664 bytes) Purple Rain Dance
Brown 1990


SEV, 29", 5.25", EM, RE, FR
Deep, saturated purple with high bud count. Strongly recurrent. Reblooms for us every September & early October.
Awards: HM
Pushamataha.jpg (10425 bytes)

Gates 1986
currently unavailable

EV, 24", 6", E, RE, FR, TET
Ruffled dark red with a darker eye and yellow throat.
Awards: HM


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